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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Premier Clinic Reviewing : Saving My Problem Skin..

After my post pregnancy for 5 months, I found some hormone changes through my body…
Especially on my face, my skin is no longer firm; it is dull, dryness and sensitive. And also I am having oil seeds popping out on my face while on my pregnancy..
Mama do sacrifice a lot.. as I am a breastfeeding mom, I have to wake up every mid night to pump and breastfeed.. This is another fact that I am having a terrible skin now…

Thank god that I found Premier Clinic to rescue my skin problem..
If you do not already know, Premier Clinic is a one-stop aesthetic clinic located strategically in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatments.

Premier Clinic provides a free parking bay right at its doorstep (On a first come first serve basis). Alternatively, you can find more parkings  at TTDI Market which is just 1-minute walking distance away from the clinic.

Reserved Parking for the customers

Upon arrival, me and my husband was amazed by the ambience of the clinic, it was so classy and you will feels comfortable with it..
The staff was so friendly and bring us to a VIP waiting room before seeing the doctor..

Consulting Dr Michelle Lai, she said my skin condition look dull, and I did have some oil seeds around my eyes side and face.. pores enlarging and my skin is dry..Dr Michelle Lai has suggested to me to perform a laser treatment. Procedure and the effects have been fully explained.


Chemical Peeling

It aims to aid in the removal of the top layer of the skin to reveal a fresh, healthier layer underneath and a peeling solution helps to trigger the natural peeling of the layer above. This helps to get rid of the dead skin cells while the new layer of skin will be smoother than the previous one.
During the application, you should feel a burning sensation – this is the effect of the solution on your skin. Cool air will be blown onto your face by a device overhead which should reduce the sting, and upon completion, cold compresses will be applied to your skin to aid the cooling process.

CO2 Laser
Milia (oil seed) removal around the eyes
Often found on the face or chest, they are small, raised bumps on the skin and are commonly found in newborns but can affect individuals of any age. They may clear naturally, but persistent cases may require treatment.

LED Photomodulation Therapy for Age Spots

Hyperpigmentation and age spots usually occur due to overexposure of skin to the sun, and are a result of the skin producing melanin to combat the sun’s harmful UV rays. Age spots form as production of melanin is focused in a small area, creating a series of brown, black or grey spots on the skin. This exposure to the sun also causes hyperpigmentation whereby the melanin production is concentrated in a larger area, forming dark, visible patches on the skin as opposed to smaller spots. Both skin conditions may also be caused by picking at the skin, hormonal changes, acne, inflammation or even some medications or antibiotics.

skin is dull, skin tone is uneven..

after chemical peeling..

numbing for 20 minutes and waiting to perform CO2 Laser

abit reddish at the spot that i laser

after treatment i can see some minor changes..

after 1 week.. skin under sunlight.. feels visible changes..

skin tone is even now

after two weeks u can see my skin is getting smoother
This is the closer look as after two weeks u can find my pores and uneven skin tone had improves, oil seeds is removes completely.. 

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 ''upon arrival.


For more information on PREMIER CLINIC

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  1. You skin condition improve become better

    1. yes.. think of going back to do again lol

    2. Next round which part of face you want to do?

    3. most probably save my imbalance face size.. haha.. big and small face